Doug is a born and raised Albertan and a proud Canadian with a proven track record in engineering, construction and business, he started working for an oilfield trucking company, moving rigs and equipment throughout the Peace Country. 

After graduating from NAIT as an Electronic Engineering Technologist, he worked for a Canadian petroleum company while completing studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta.  Upon graduation, He married Lillian and raised two daughters.

He went on to work for over 20 years as a Professional Engineer, business executive and business owner; living across Canada from coast to coast to coast. From Labrador to British Columbia, from down south to the up north in the High Arctic.

On returning to Alberta, he spent the last 10 years in the engineering consulting industry and established successful small to medium size businesses.  This gave Doug and Lillian the freedom to get out of daily business operations and relocate to his family’s farm in the Peace Country.

Doug and Lillian now focus on investing, hunting, trapping, raising horses and honey bees and enjoying what makes life worth living. That is, family, friends, community and country.

In recent years, the people of Alberta have felt betrayed and ignored by the Trudeau Liberals.  We’ve seen our quality of life and vital economic interests fall to the wayside and get ignored, even as we’ve risen up to demand that our concerns be addressed.

Here and now in the Peace Country, the politics of cynicism and despair are rearing their ugly heads.  As our righteous anger with the federal government has burned, we’ve looked to our traditional representatives, the Conservative Party of Canada, to step into the void and give us a better option.

But in order to win support in other regions that could be described as more vote rich, more important to their chances of winning, and less conservative, Andrew Scheer and the Tories have compromised and backed away from many of the promises that we expected from them.  Talking points, relentless appeals for money, and centrist, boilerplate policy will no longer cut it for us here in Grande Prairie - Mackenzie.

Politics as usual makes for local representatives that support party doctrine at the cost of representing the interests of their constituents.

He wanted to be a part of a party that is in touch with the struggles, hopes and dreams of Albertans. 

And he truly believes Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada is that party.  Maxime has given us a vehicle to get Canada back on track.  Maxime has given us a clear, honest and straightforward vision for Canada with the opportunity for governance according to four principles: respect, fairness, freedom and personal responsibility for All Canadians.

With Doug's life experience, proven track record of success in the private sector, and his great love for the people of the Peace Country, now is the time he felt compelled to stand up and fight for our country, our province and the good people of Grande Prairie-Mackenzie.





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Doug Burchill PPC - Candidate for Grande Prairie-Mackenzie